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Throwing an Ocean Śrāddha Memorial

An ocean memorial stands as a poignant complement to the exquisite Śrāddha ceremony (Shraddha Pooja). This profound ritual can be conducted on the thithi or potentially on the anniversary of the scattering, creating a sacred space to remember and express gratitude for those who have departed. Embracing the coastal setting, guests have the option to bring a Brahmin on board for worship or to symbolize their reverence by placing offerings such as rice balls and sesame seeds at the latitude and longitude of the scattering.

The ocean memorial serves as a significant moment to acknowledge the void left in our hearts when our loved ones pass away. The Shraddha ceremony, with its sacred acts of remembrance and prayer, becomes a poignant avenue to foster a profound connection with those we have lost. Beyond a mere ritual, it breathes life into the bond between the living and the departed. It ensures not only a continuation of that spiritual connection but also imparts guidance and a perpetual sense of belonging to one’s ancestral roots. The ocean, with its vastness and timeless beauty, becomes a fitting canvas for this intricate dance of remembrance, gratitude, and eternal connection.

Popular Chants for a Śrāddha

Guests are welcome to bring any type of music to play in the background or to sing with at the Śrāddha.

Frequently asked questions about hosting an ocean Śrāddha memorial

Can I bring a priest on board?

Absolutely, you can bring a priest on board. Please note that they will be included in the overall guest count for the ceremony.

Can we customize aspects of the Śrāddha  to suit our family’s preferences?

Certainly. Depending on the needs of your family we can help curate the perfect experience.

Can we place offerings in the ocean?

 Yes, families are encouraged to bring offerings. However, to minimize environmental impact, any items placed in the water must be 100% biodegradable.

Can we bring flowers?

Certainly. You are welcome to bring any flowers.

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Los Angeles Yacht CharterExcellentLos Angeles Yacht Charter4.9 Based on 246 reviews from ★★★★★ My father’s disposition of ashes at sea was beautiful. I had many family members state to me of all the funerals they have been to this one was so sweet and beautiful. The charter boat was very nice. Captain was awesome. The pastor was very sweet. To top thing and make the moment even better we had contacted a bag popper who was amazing. I highly recommend doing some like this for your loved ones.Tiffany E.Tiffany E. ★★★★★ Recently I engaged the services of Los Angeles Yacht Charters to take me and my family to the Channel Islands so that I could fulfill my promise to my deceased husband to distribute his ashes in the Pacific ocean at the Channel Islands.The Los Angeles Yacht Charters could not have been a better choice. They were professional, knowledgeable and, most importantly, they were kind.The experience could not have been better. Our skipper, Doug, was wonderful. The weather cooperated wonderfully. The sea was quite calm, it was sunny and the trip to the Channel Islands was pleasant.All of my family participated in our informal service by way of sharing memories. Eventually Dan's ashes were distributed into the sea with appropriate music playing.My greatest gratitude goes to Los Angeles Yacht Charters.Sue FrostSue F.Sue F. ★★★★★ The Los Angeles Yacht Charter burial at sea for my mom and dad could not have been more beautiful and such a special memory of a lifetime. Captain George and crew were amazing and so patient and kind. The way the yacht circles around and all of us throwing the flowers circling the rose petals and ashes is a memory I will never forget. Thank you for everything.Diane W.Diane W. ★★★★★ This company is the absolute best! The staff is caring and professional. Spreading the ashes is never easy but they do it in such a genuinely caring m