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Southern California Diving & Snorkeling

Southern California is home to kelp beds and temperate water that attracts a multitude of species unlike anywhere else in the world. Based on the time of year and experience level there are unique diving and snorkeling spots unlike anywhere else in the world. See the Garibaldi (California’s state fish) glimmer above among the rocks or see the schools of fish swishing between the kelp beds.

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Popular Southern California Diving & Snorkeling Spots

Redondo Beach

Search out some of the many species crawling around and try a macro level muck dive, see the lobsters, octopus and more. Or get crazy and try a night dive to see them busy at feeding time.

Palos Verdes

This protected area has created a haven for all kinds of sea life and schools of fish.

Southern Channel Islands (Catalina, Santa Barbara)

This archipelago is home to kelp forests which many fish, sharks, and even a few turtles call home.

La Jolla

A diving favorite in the Southern California area La Jolla cove and shores are abundant in Pacific Ocean must sees. As the main crossing point for species in migration there is a lot to see. There are horn sharks and leopard sharks aplenty among all the beautiful fish.

Laguna Beach

Easily accessible with shallow reefs that have great rocky crevices. Since the zoning for Marine Protected Areas went into effect in 2012, it has led to dramatic increases in the size and quantity of fish on display.

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Google Rating
Based on 246 reviews