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Ventura Boat Rentals

Officially the city is called San Buenaventura, but it is more commonly called Ventura. This central coastal city is positioned between the mountains and the sea making all the yacht charters that depart from Ventura instantly full of beautiful views. Boat rentals from Ventura are also a great for getting lucky and seeing wildlife spotting, with close by rivers environment and channel islands being home to many species. 

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Ventura Boat Rental Highlights

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Harbor Cove Beach

Locals like to call it Mother's Beach, referencing the safety this favorite beach provided to swimmers. Located at the end of the peninsula in front of Ventura’s Harbor it is protected by jetties and a breakwater making is a sheltered place where everyone can relax.

Surfers Knoll Beach

As the name suggests this beach is a surfer favorite because of the great waves that form the break of the Santa Clara River mouth. It's also popular with beachcombers for its great collection of shells and sea glass that wash upon the shores.

Marina Park

This oceanfront park is 15-acres of waterfront terrain that is free for the community to use and enjoy. Littered with trees, a playground for kids, and sporting areas, it's a beloved public space.

Soters Point (Marina Park)

At the end of the Marina Park is Soter Point, known for its bronze statue of tha mermaid playing the flute. The mermaid is a donation from a russian immigrant and is engraved with the statement "From Russia With Love."

Ventura Beach

As you cruise into Pierpoint bay watch the sun bathers and dog walkers enjoying this long piece of beach. If you get lucky it could witness a surf or windsurfing competition from behind the sea-ne.

Surfer point (seaside park)

Since the point faces south waves the approach the beach from the west curl around creating perfect waves that locals love to take advantage of. Surfer Point is also at the mouth of the Ventura river so there is a small lagoon which makes it a great place to go bird watching.

Ventura Pier

Built in 1872, The ventura pier is the oldest pier in California. The pier is 1,600 feet (490 meters) long and made of wood. Originally it was a commercial wharf used to export the region's agricultural products and crude oil. Today, however it is just for public use with many utilizing the space for walks, jogs, or fishing.

Seaside Wilderness Park

Apart of the Emma Wood State Beach this park is normally only visible by foot, see the seaside wilderness park coast line from the sea. Located at the Ventura River mouth, the former "Hobo Jungle," is a great place to spot birds en route.

The Topatopa Mountain range

From any point in the charter, guests can see the gorgeous view of the Topatopa mountain range, creating one of a kind views from the sea. This Los Padres National Forest range reaches an elevation of 6,716 feet (2,047 m) at Hines Peak, about six miles north of Thomas Aquinas College and is part of the Transverse Ranges of Southern California.

Views of the Channel Islands

Five islands make up the Channel Island National Park (San Miguel, Santa Rosa, Santa Cruz, Anacapa, and Santa Barbara). Established in 1980 they are safe havens for many endemic species.
From a coastal ventura yacht charter it is possible to see the profile of the Anacapa and Santa Cruz islands radiating in the distance.

The History of Ventura

Known as the city of good fortune, after its namesake Saint Bonaventure, Ventura is a gorgeous yacht charter location steeped in history. While it was founded in 1782 Ventura has been inhabited for more than 10,000 years. 

Ventura is also the main entrance point to the Galapagos of the North, the channel islands. A popular location for nature and yacht charter enthusiasts. The five islands (Anacapa, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa, San Miguel, and Santa Barbara) are wildlife sanctuaries and ideal places for snorkeling and animal sightings.

Things to do around the Ventura charter locations

Looking to add onto your charter experience? Whether you're a local or a tourist there are so many fun things to do around the central location of your Ventura charter departure point. Ventura has something for everyone, from fun in the sun to historical monuments that date back to its founders.

Explore Harbor Village

Venturas’ Harbor Village isn't just the departure location for most of our Ventura charters, but the go to place for fun! With Escape Rooms, a carousel, a comedy club, regular concert,delicious eateries, shops and more it's easy to fill the time around your charter at one of the many activities.

Bike the Omer Rains Coastal Bikeway

Enjoy the easy life and cruise along the ventura beachfront along the Omer Rains coast Bikeway. Bike rentals are easily available in the Harbor Village where you depart from the charter, making it easy to explore ventura and to keep the day going with a bit of movement. For the real adventure junkies you can even take the path all the way to Ojai.

Visit the San Buenaventura Mission

Built in the 1800’s, the San Buenaventura Mission was the last mission built under Saint Junipero Serra. Only a ten minute drive away from the harbor, the Mission tour gives insight into a different time of life in the area and those who started the city we know today.

The museum has exhibits on everything from the history of commercial diving in Los Angeles to chronicles the once thriving San Pedro fishing industry. The museum also operates the tugboat Angels Gate, built in 1944 for the Army Transportation Service.

Hike the Seaside Wilderness Park

Just a short drive inside the Emma Wood State Beach is a tranquil hike that goes along the rocky sea front with access to tide pools and incredible birdwatch because of the river environment.

Learn about the environment at The Robert J. Lagomarsino Visitor Center

Hold some sea life in their touch tanks, learn about all the different channel islands in their exhibits, or walk up their observation tower to get a great view. Located right on the harbor it's a great place to learn about the ventura area ecosystem and marine life before embarking on a charter.

Ventura eateries nearby charter pickups

Brophy Bros.

How often do you have a chance to sit at a clam bar overlooking the harbor and mountainscape? Brophy Bros is a delicious family friendly restaurant just steps away from your venture yacht rental departure dock.

Andria's Seafood

Originally just a small fish market in Santa Barbara, but in 1982 when the owner caught wind of up and coming Ventura Harbor Village he signed a lease to build a second seafood market with a bit of cooking. In 1982 Anria’s Seafood opened and it's been an icon since. Grab fresh delicious seafood while looking right out onto the water.

The Copa Cubana

Look out over the harbor while enjoying tasty and authentic Cuban food. Feel as if you've been whisked away to havana as you munch on classic meals you can’t find anywhere else.

The Greek

Get ready to yell "Opa!” at this classic greek eatier. Established in 1994 The Greek is a great place to dine on delicious Greek food and enjoy regular entertainment.

Water’s Edge Restaurant & Bar

Eat fresh local produce on a gorgeous patio that overlooks the harbor. With reinvisioned California classics that are sure to please every appetite, this upscale restaurant is a perfect place to grab a bite after a venture yacht rental. 





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