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Significance of water in Hindu burials

Water holds significant symbolism and importance in Hindu burials. It is considered a sacred element that represents purity, cleansing, and the cyclical nature of life and death. Here are some key significances of water in Hindu burials:


Water is believed to have purifying properties in Hinduism. It is used to cleanse the body and soul, washing away impurities and sins. In the context of burial, water is seen as a means of purifying the departed soul and facilitating its transition to the next realm.

Release and Liberation:

Immersing or scattering the ashes in water symbolizes the release and liberation of the soul. It signifies the detachment from the physical body and the merging of the individual consciousness with the divine and the greater cosmos.

Connection with Divinity:

Hinduism associates water bodies, especially sacred rivers like the Ganges, Yamuna, and others, with divinity. These rivers are believed to have divine origins or blessings. Immersing the ashes in these rivers or other holy water bodies is seen as a way to connect the departed soul with the divine and seek blessings for their journey.

Continuity of Life:

Water is closely linked to the concept of the eternal cycle of life, death, and rebirth. Just as water evaporates, forms clouds, and then falls as rain, Hinduism teaches that life is an unending process of birth, death, and reincarnation. The act of returning the body’s remains to water emphasizes this cycle and the belief in the continuity of life beyond death.

Symbolic Dissolution:

Water represents dissolution and dissolution of the physical form. It signifies the impermanence of the body and the transient nature of worldly existence. By submerging or scattering the ashes in water, it is believed that the individual’s identity and physical limitations dissolve, allowing the soul to transcend into a higher state of being.

Spiritual Cleansing:

The act of immersing oneself or the ashes in water is often seen as a form of spiritual cleansing and seeking blessings. It is believed to wash away any residual negative energies and provide a fresh start for the departed soul.

Overall, water plays a profound role in Hindu burial at sea services by symbolizing purification, release, connection with the divine, continuity of life, dissolution, and spiritual cleansing. It holds deep spiritual significance and is regarded as a medium through which the departed soul can find peace, liberation, and spiritual transcendence.

Varuna hindu god of the ocean protecting the pacific ocean

The Sacred Pacific Ocean

The Pacific Ocean holds a revered place in Hindu spirituality as a sacred body of water safeguarded by Varuna, the guardian of the west and lord of the oceans. Varuna, one of the oldest deities in the Hindu pantheon, symbolizes strength and courage. According to Hindu beliefs, Varuna’s divine presence watches over the vast expanse of the Pacific, imbuing it with a sense of sanctity and protection. As the lord of the oceans, Varuna is entrusted with maintaining the cosmic order and balance within the waters, making the Pacific a symbol not only of natural beauty but also of spiritual significance. The ocean’s waves echo with the ancient reverence for Varuna, inviting contemplation of the enduring strength and timeless courage embodied by this revered deity.

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Los Angeles Yacht CharterExcellentLos Angeles Yacht Charter4.9 Based on 246 reviews from ★★★★★ My father’s disposition of ashes at sea was beautiful. I had many family members state to me of all the funerals they have been to this one was so sweet and beautiful. The charter boat was very nice. Captain was awesome. The pastor was very sweet. To top thing and make the moment even better we had contacted a bag popper who was amazing. I highly recommend doing some like this for your loved ones.Tiffany E.Tiffany E. ★★★★★ Recently I engaged the services of Los Angeles Yacht Charters to take me and my family to the Channel Islands so that I could fulfill my promise to my deceased husband to distribute his ashes in the Pacific ocean at the Channel Islands.The Los Angeles Yacht Charters could not have been a better choice. They were professional, knowledgeable and, most importantly, they were kind.The experience could not have been better. Our skipper, Doug, was wonderful. The weather cooperated wonderfully. The sea was quite calm, it was sunny and the trip to the Channel Islands was pleasant.All of my family participated in our informal service by way of sharing memories. Eventually Dan's ashes were distributed into the sea with appropriate music playing.My greatest gratitude goes to Los Angeles Yacht Charters.Sue FrostSue F.Sue F. ★★★★★ The Los Angeles Yacht Charter burial at sea for my mom and dad could not have been more beautiful and such a special memory of a lifetime. Captain George and crew were amazing and so patient and kind. The way the yacht circles around and all of us throwing the flowers circling the rose petals and ashes is a memory I will never forget. Thank you for everything.Diane W.Diane W. ★★★★★ This company is the absolute best! The staff is caring and professional. Spreading the ashes is never easy but they do it in such a genuinely caring matter. They want to make sure the service is just like you want it. Sad situation but they made me feel comfortable. Cannot recommend them enough! Worth every penny!Joesyln F.Joesyln F. ★★★★★ The crew was welcoming, supportive and explained what to expect and when. They provided a cooler filled with water and ginger ale, as well as a table for our us to place our coffee and cake. The boat was very clean and comfortable, with plenty of comfortable covered seating inside and outside. We had enough time to say our goodbyes and share our memories. The remains were placed in a container with rose petals that I lowered into the water. The captain tossed our wreath into the water and we scattered our rose petals. We never felt rushed, there was time to share our grief. The crew were kind and respectful the entire time. It was a truly beautiful way for our family and friends to honor our loved one.Elaine M.Elaine M.js_loader

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