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Antyesti: Hindu Burial at Sea Ash Scattering Services

While we may never replicate the sanctity of the sacred Ganges, we can promise the spiritual tranquility of the Pacific. Hindu Burials at Sea, or Antyesti, in the Pacific Ocean offer a unique and spiritually enriching experience for families seeking to honor their loved ones within the vastness of nature’s embrace.

The Pacific Ocean, with its expansive beauty and serene grace, transforms into a sacred canvas where Hindu funeral rituals and customs unfold. As the sun-kissed waves gently cradle the ashes, it symbolizes the eternal cycle of life, seamlessly merging the physical with the spiritual.

With utmost reverence and meticulous attention to detail, our dedicated team ensures that every aspect of the ceremony aligns with the specific Hindu traditions the family wishes to observe. This provides families the opportunity to find solace and peace amidst the serene backdrop of the ocean.

In this tranquil setting, surrounded by the awe-inspiring beauty of nature, families can bid farewell to their dearly departed and take comfort in knowing that the souls of their loved ones will forever be embraced by the boundless expanse of the Pacific Ocean.

What to expect at a hindu burial at Sea

Most Hindu Antyesti or funeral rites consist of three integral parts: an initial wake or funeral at the family’s residence immediately following the demise, a cremation ceremony at the designated cremation site, and finally, a ritual to guide the soul of the departed into the next world.

A Hindu burial at sea service seamlessly amalgamates two of these traditional components, providing families with a unique opportunity to connect their departed loved one to the sacred Pacific Ocean.

The process begins with families being picked up at the departure location. As they embark on their journey at sea, the dedicated crew stands ready to assist both the family and priests in arranging everything necessary for the ceremony. From setting up a display adorned with offerings and photographs to ensuring all essentials are ready for the scattering ritual.

Typically, a basket can be made available for families to use for dispersion during the ceremony. Upon reaching the chosen location, a Hindu priest leads prayers and chants, and family members have the chance to share memories and tributes about their loved one. The actual scattering of the ashes is then carried out by the family, and attendees are welcome to sprinkle flower petals or other offerings over the ashes.

Following the ceremony, mourners return home to partake in a cleansing bath and engage in song, creating an environment that aids in guiding the soul of their departed loved one onwards.

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What to wear on a Hindu burial at sea

In contrast to some other religious practices, it is advised not to wear black attire to a Hindu funeral. Traditionally, individuals opt for white clothing that extends to cover the knees and arms. In contemporary settings, people may choose between traditional attire or modern clothing. If uncertain about the appropriate dress code, it is advisable to consult with the family. 

Appropriate gifts for a Hindu burials at Sea

Expressing a desire to send a gift is truly generous. Given that Hindus typically refrain from cooking during the mourning period, a customary way to convey condolences is by sending thoughtful food or fruit baskets.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hindu Burials at Sea ash scattering services

We have to go out in a small time range. Can I arrange a service right away?

Yes, we understand the importance of adhering to religious timings. We will do our best to arrange a service promptly to accommodate your family’s needs.

Can I bring a priest on board?

Absolutely, you can bring a priest on board. Please note that they will be included in the overall guest count for the ceremony.

Can we customize aspects of the burial at sea ceremony to suit our family’s preferences?

Certainly. Each burial at sea is uniquely tailored to meet the specific needs and desires of your family.

If we want our priest to conduct the entire service and just want to go out, is that possible?

 Yes, we are here to assist your family during this challenging time. Whether you prefer a comprehensive service led by your priest or have specific requests, please inform us in advance so we can ensure ample time for the ceremony.

Can we place offerings in the ocean?

  Yes, families are encouraged to bring offerings. However, to minimize environmental impact, any items placed in the water must be 100% biodegradable.

Can we bring our own flowers?

Certainly. You are welcome to bring any flowers of your choice to accompany the ceremony.

Can we host a Śrāddha at the same location later?

Yes, we will provide your family with the latitude and longitude of the scattering location. You are welcome to return for a Śrāddha memorial whenever you desire.

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Los Angeles Yacht CharterExcellentLos Angeles Yacht Charter4.9 Based on 260 reviews from ★★★★★ A beautiful yacht and everyone was so kind, thoughtful, and helpful. They truly took care of everything related to the remains I highly recommendChelsea T.Chelsea T. ★★★★★ I held a memorial service on one of their yachts, and it was absolutely beautiful! The crew was so very helpful and so professional and yet gave me and my family. The space we needed when we needed it. It was so nice to have the option of a harp player, a bagpipe player, and doves to be released. We did the doves and it was so beautiful. It was more meaningful than I could ever imagine. I highly recommend their first class service to anyone interestedTammy Van H.Tammy Van H. ★★★★★ My family and I chartered a boat through LA Yacht Charter for scattering of our mother’s ashes. Our host, Carlos did a lovely job. He layed out the ashes in a beautiful display prior to the scattering and Captain Nick got us where we needed to be on time. Everything was handled professionally and all was well organized. It was beautiful and meaningful to my whole family and the dove release was also beautiful!Rosalia R.Rosalia R. ★★★★★ My family and I used Los Angeles Yacht Charter for my brothers ash release at sea on his first heavenly birthday. From the start Brit and her husband were incredibly helpful and made arrangements easy. If I could give them more stars I definitely would. The day of services captain Troy along with his crew member were beyond amazing and made such a difficult time peaceful and beautiful. The boat Lady M is beautiful, clean and perfect for any occasion. My family was so grateful we decided to go in this direction it was everything we could have hoped for. We will definitely be back to use services for my brother's future heavenly birthdays. Thank you all again.Jessica G.Jessica G. ★★★★★ Our experience with LA Yacht Charter was wonderful. It was easy to book, and all our questions were answered quickly. They were waiting for us at the appointed time, and our party of 12 even left the dock early. Chaplain Carlos and Captain Nick and the rest of the crew were very kind and respectful, carefully explaining everything that was going to happen. They include some flowers that are spread with the ashes, but we also brought quite a few of our own to toss into the water, which really felt meaningful. We were very pleased with the whole experience. Thank you all!Pat L.Pat L.js_loader

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