Los Angeles Disposition of Human Remains Permit

In order for the California government to keep track of the deceased, any movement or activities of the remains (such as entering, moving, and or leaving the area) requires a Permit for Disposition of Human Remains. Including burials at sea.

You can typically collect your loved ones’ permit from the funeral or crematorium establishment that worked with you and it should be included with the service.

If the ashes are from out of the country, state, or the cremation center is no longer able to re-issue the permit because too much time has passed, then a permit will need to be purchased from the Los Angeles Vital Records Office. This can be done by you, a family member or a friend in the LA area. If needed it can also be added as an additional service provided by Los Angeles Yacht Charter.

How to pick up a Los Angeles County Disposition of Human Remains Permit

The permit can only be picked up in person. However, anyone can pick up the permit on your behalf with the proper paperwork.  The office will need to have the following information and documents to process the permit:

  • An original death certificate (or a true copy) or an original transit/burial permit
  • The full name (of the deceased)
  • Date of birth (of the deceased)
  • Date of death
  • City, County, and the State of Death

Cost: $12.00 (They accept cash, credit, or check)

Pickup Location: 

DPH Vital Records Office

313 North Figueroa Street

Room Lobby-1

Los Angeles, CA 90012

Open Monday-Friday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

For More information please reach out to the Vital Records Office directly:

Phone Number  (213) 288-7816

Los Angeles Vital Records Office Website