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What you should know about seasickness

What is seasickness?

It may seem like something unique to the sea, but seasickness is just motion sickness that happens on the water. Seasickness happens when your vestibular system, which is a part of the inner ear and helps with coordinating movement with balance, becomes conflicted because of the unusual motion of a being on a boat on the water. 

While seasickness isn’t a regular occurrence, it’s always possible. Most commonly, it affects those prone to migraines, the elderly, pregnant women, and children. Guests know they are experiencing it when they have a slight feeling of discomfort. It can be as minimal as nausea, or could trigger effects such as dizziness, sweating, or vomiting. However, with prevention and awareness it can hopefully be handled. 

Top tips for how to avoid getting seasick aboard your yacht charter

How to prevent seasickness before you come aboard your yacht charter

  • Prepare your body for a big day of fun. Get a full night’s rest and a good breakfast so that your body is in top shape for the day.
  • Come hydrated! Seasickness and related medications cause dehydration and headaches. 
  • Contemplate bringing an acupressure bracelet. This is a totally natural option that can help reduce seasickness. A small button on a cloth bracelet stimulates the P6 point on your wrist. By pressing the small button, just three fingers above the wrist it can alleviate or lessen the effects of motion sickness. 
  • Consider seasickness medicine
    • There are over the counter and prescription drugs available that target seasickness. Guests are likely to have heard of the over the counter products such as Dramamine and Bonine. Options such as these require adequate time to take effect (think 24hrs), as the medicine is much more effective if it’s already in the bloodstream. Be sure to take into consideration the effects of the prescriptions and if unsure consult your medical professional.
  • Bring items with peppermint and ginger. These natural remedies are known for the ability to sooth seasickness. 
  • Bring crackers and blander foods, to help settle the stomach.
  • Plan ahead and bring / take anything you may need to alleviate any stress that could impact your day on the water.
  • Anxiety is a big contributor to seasickness, so it’s important to get your head in the right mindset. 

How to prevent seasickness while onboard your yacht charter

  • Avoid alcohol. It dehydrates the body and can make the inner ear even more sensitive to movement as it impairs your balance.
  • Stay hydrated! Seasickness and related medications cause dehydration and headaches. 
  • Enjoy the view. Don’t get sucked into reading for long periods of time, unfortunately phones and books can trigger a sensory conflict. Your visual field stays focused and balanced, while the inner ear detects twists and turns, potentially activating nausea.

What to do if you begin to experience the effects of seasickness on board your yacht charter?

  • The first thing to do is alert your yacht charter crew. They can help gauge what would be best for you based on your symptoms. 
  • Get a great forward looking spot on deck. The fresh air and a view of the horizon helps rebalance your body to the motion of the yacht.
  • Clear your mind and focus on the music and good conversation.
Google Rating
Based on 246 reviews