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Ocean Positive+ and Carbon Neutral

Not a day goes by that we aren’t thankful for calling the ocean our office. We want to be sure to treat our beloved ocean and planet with care. That’s why starting 2022 we are officially ocean positive and carbon neutral.

Ocean Positive

To accomplish carbon neutrality on each of our bookings we proudly partnered up with SeaTrees. Together we work out what the emissions are on each booking, based on boat type, time spent on the water, speed, etcetera. Los Angeles Yacht Charter than purchases tokens (per ton)based on the calculations. These tokens go towards projects that restore multiple ecosystems to sequester CO2. Each token purchased go towards three eco goals:

- 1.0 ton of CO2 sequestered using VCS certified carbon offsets
- 4 mangrove trees planted
- 1.0 sq-ft of kelp

The purpose of this mix is to first become “net-zero” with Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) certified carbon credits. Then, the additional mangrove trees and kelp forest will sequester an additional 1.2 tons of CO2 over the 25 year life of the trees, which makes the action “Ocean Positive”.

Giant Kelp Restoration – California, Palos Verdes

Kelp ecosystems in California are in a state of crisis. In Southern California more than 85% of the giant kelp forests have been devastated, and in Northern California almost 95% of the bull kelp forests have disappeared in the last 10 years. Caused by the proliferation of purple sea urchins, as their predators disappear due to human impacts and climate change.

Clearing  “urchin barrens” allows rapidly growing kelp to regrow and re-establish healthy kelp forests – creating habitat for marine life and sequestering carbon emissions.

Coral Reefs – Bali, Indonesia 

This project restores the degraded coral reefs on Nusa Penida Island in Bali, Indonesia. SeaTrees project partner, Ocean Gardener, employs local Balinese fishermen to restore the reef and monitor the regeneration until it can survive on its own.

This is important because coral reefs are threatened globally. About half of the world’s coral reefs have been lost in the last 30 years. More than 60% of the remaining reefs are threatened by human activity, with Indonesia being one of the largest areas of vulnerability. Known as the “rainforests of the sea,” coral reefs are the largest living structures on earth and support 25% of marine life.

HO’OWAIWAI Watershed – Maui, Hawaii

Restores and maintains the land by direct restoration of the stream bed and regenerative agricultural practices, which then serves the community as a source of regenerative organic produce, erosion prevention, and protection for the neighboring reefs.

Magrove Restoration – Indonesia, Biak Island Region  

Restore, replant, and protect the area’s unique and vital forest systems. This project restores and protects 46 hectares of highly degraded mangrove forest. Biak Island’s mangrove estuaries are 75% deforested. Located in the center of the Coral Triangle, the reefs around the Biak Island Region have some of the highest levels of biodiversity on the planet.

Kenya, Mida Creek Watamu

This project restores 100+ hectares of degraded mangrove forest within the Malindi Watamu National Marine Park and Reserve – a UNESCO Designated Biosphere Area + one of the world’s oldest marine protected areas. Mida Creek is an important stopover for migratory birds, home to a critical sea turtle habitat and nesting areas, is used as a nursing ground for humpback whales, and has a large resident population of Indo-pacific bottlenose dolphin.

Video gallery

Coral Reefs – Bali, Indonesia

Giant Kelp Restoration – Palos Verdes, CA

Restoring California’s Threatened Kelp Forests

Kenya, Mida Creek Watamu

Magrove Restoration – Indonesia

HO’OWAIWAI Watershed – Maui, Hawaii

What “does carbon neutral yacht charters” mean?

Los Angeles Yacht Charter works with SeaTrees who works directly with high-quality reforestation and forest protection projects around the world. Each of these projects sequester carbon, while also providing significant social and ecosystem benefits.

Meaning that you are not just offsetting your carbon footprint, you’re having a positive impact on the ocean with every charter booked. Making you #OceanPositive

Client reviews

We had a great experience on The Lady M. We most definitely booked again with Los Angeles Yacht.

Martinez M.

Martinez M.

We loved the boatride in the sun for my birthday, sipping on champagne and playing games.

Shawntoya H.

Shawntoya H.

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Luis L.Luis L.   17:58 01/31/23  
Had a wonderful time with my friends! This is my second time chartering with LAYC, and they didn’t disappoint! Recommend them fully for short and sweet birthday parties on the water.

Emily M.Emily M.   21:47 01/24/23  

Kathleen F.Kathleen F.   15:33 01/13/23  
Wonderful. The weather was incredible to send off my mom for her final farewell into the sea off MDR.The crew…Troy and Dan were outstanding and so accommodating. The only thing I would say is that it was tough to get a person “live” on the phone to ask questions. We mostly corresponded through email and text, however they were mostly very responsive. Other than that everything was perfect.Thank you!5 +⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Eat The M.Eat The M.   17:27 12/31/22  
The service from John, Tony, and Jim was undeniably one of the best experiences I've had in a long time. Their yacht was beautiful and spacious. The trip was exactly what I was picturing for my birthday. 10/10 would recommend and book again

Bria Berry H.Bria Berry H.   20:09 12/29/22  
This was an amazing experience for myself and family!The captain and crew were amazing and very hospitable. If you want a carefree, peaceful, and beautiful experience you definitely want to book this place.Thank you for an amazing trip and I will definitely sail out with you all again!Highly recommend!!!

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