San Pedro post burial at sea gathering or memorial eatery recommendations

22nd St. Landing 

Since the tear down of Ports o´Call Village 22nd St. Landing is the only restaurant in the San Pedro waterfront area that can handle groups. Operating for over 30 years the restaurant has two banquet areas that look over the water. It  is a delicious option that is located right near the burial at sea pickup / drop off location. 

The Feral

Approximately 16 minutes away from the burial at sea pickup / drop off dock is the American gastropub The Feral. Located in an restored bank, it’s a beautiful classic setting great for groups who love an eatery that will captivate them with beautiful architecture.

Small groups can find accommodating restaurants in the downtown San Pedro area, but for larger groups who can´t find availability or suitability in the above selections it’s suggested to look for options in the Long Beach area, which has a plethora of options for all budgets and appetites.