Planning a burial at sea checklist

Before booking an Ash Scattering Service:

  • Find out how many guests you would like to have aboard the boat for the service
  • Select a location you would like to depart from
  • Get a consensus on what date and time your party will be available
  • Select a company that is CFB certified and has coast guard certified vessels and captains

After booking a burial at sea ash scattering provider

  • Be sure to have the Los Angeles Disposition of Human Remains Permit
  • If desired, arrange a post burial at sea gathering
  • Send out an invitation to those you wish to attend the service
  • Decide if you would like to have the ashes lowered in a basket or placed in an decomposable urn
  • Select who will lower the ashes. A family member or a member of the crew?
  • Discuss with family what you would like to happen when the ashes are lowered. Do you want everyone to share a memory? Will someone say a prayer? Does everyone prefer to watch and say their goodbyes in silence?
  • Decide if you would like to have memorial cards available at the burial at sea service
  • Select and have any music that you would like to listen to prepared
  • Arrange any food and beverage you would like on the boat for your guests

If you need more information about making overall arrangements after someone has passed away feel free to check references like Consumer Reports, AARP or AAA