Inviting guests to a burial at sea

Guests can be invited to attend the burial at sea in whatever way seems most appropriate for your group. Whether that means word of mouth or via a written invitation.

If you would like to send an ash scattering invitation, it can be sent in the mail or online. You can order physical printed invitations online at companies like Tiny Prints, Minted, or Paperless Post. Alternatively, you can easily invite people to the service online as well. 

Some ways to invite guests to the burial at sea using online resources is to create a private Facebook event that is only visible to the guests you select. If you have all of your invitees emails you can also send an email invitation. Companies like E-vite and Greeting Island have free templates that you easily utilize to create a beautiful design indicating the service details you want to share.

However when you decide to inform your guests about the burial at sea taking place its important to make sure the following details are clear in your invitation:

  • The boat pickup location
  • The pickup time (as captains and boats are booked on a time allotment it’s important to make sure guests arrive on time or you could run into issues or additional charges).
  • The boat name
  • Be sure to share your phone number and to receive invitees phone numbers in case you need to check in on someone. 
  • Indicate if there will be gathering afterwards